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We are looking for partnership!

If you are interested in outsourcing, cooperation or investment we will be pleased to negotiate.

What we offer:

- more than 20 years of experience in metal industry

- plenty of business connections in Serbia and region

- green field investment on attractive location

- machines, tools and trained workers

What are we looking for:

- interested partner and investor

- new technologies and technics

- co-operate work

- new and fresh markets

Our plan

Because of demands that our business put in front of us, we must extend our capacities. We have a plan to start building new production plant at new location Platičevo, Vojvodina, Serbia in spring 2011. Since we are a small engineering workshop with a lot of experience, we are not capable to support whole investment.

According to that plan we are searching for interested partner and investor within our fields of interest. Various opportunities are available so please consider all facts and do not hesitate to contact us with your offers.

At the bottom image are presented locations and distances between our "green field" location and important spots nearby.

Approximate distances are:

Platičevo - Šabac (our present location), near 12km

Platičevo - International Airport "Nikola Tesla" , near 60 km

Platičevo - international highway E75, near 20km

Platičevo - Capital Belgrade, near 75 km

Platičevo - Novi Sad, near 60 km

Platičevo - Bar (Montenegro), near 460 km

Platičevo - Rijeka (Croatia), near 510 km


Šabac: Free Zone, River Sava

Novi Sad: Free Zone, Port, Danube river

Belgrade: Free Zone, Port, Airport, Danube river, Sava river

Bar (Montenegro): Sea Port (Adriatic sea)

Rijeka (Croatia): Sea Port (Adriatic sea)

   Interesting facts about Serbia


 - Preferential export of Serbian goods to Russia

Serbia is the only country out of the CIS borders (Com¬monwealth of Independent States) the organization that was established upon the dissolution of SSSR and that has non-customs access to the Russian market with 145 million consumers.
Serbia has preferential status owing to the Free Trade Agreement signed with the Russian Federation as of 2000. The list of the products liable to preferential treatment is being changed and enlarged annually. All foreign investors producing in Serbia may use these benefits.

- Duty-free goods from Serbia to Belorussia

Businessmen from Serbia and foreign investors who pro¬duce in Serbia will be able to export their goods to Belorussia without paying custom tariffs.
The Free Trade Agreement signed between Serbia and Be¬lorussia on the 31st March 2009 provides these benefits.
The abolition of customs tariffs applies to all products, ex¬cept for sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, second-hand cars, buses and tyres. Along with the free trade, this agreement is ex¬pected to provide businessmen from both countries with new contacts and cooperation.